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Amicable Resolutions To Emotional Disputes

Although divorce is inevitably an emotional time, it is not uncommon for couples to resolve their divorce matter without contested litigation. Typically, this is accomplished by negotiating a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). An MSA is a written agreement or contract which resolves all issues arising out of your divorce. Once signed and notarized, an MSA will allow you and your spouse to obtain an uncontested divorce or divorce by mutual consent.

Importance Of Attorney Preparation

If seeking an uncontested divorce appeals to you, it is critical that you seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney to negotiate and prepare your Marital Settlement Agreement. We regularly are hired to fix problems with MSA’s which were prepared by the parties themselves or by lawyers who were not experienced family law practitioners. Often, these MSA’s do not accomplish the parties’ intentions because they fail to resolve all necessary issues or because they fail to use the requisite legal language. It is important that you understand your legal rights prior to entering into a legally binding MSA. Even in uncontested matters, the attorneys at the Law Office of Christina Bayne P.A. can provide you with the necessary information for a clients to make informed decisions.

A Wealth Of Experience

At the Law Office of Christina Bayne P.A., our attorneys are extremely experienced in negotiating and preparing Marital Settlement Agreements. We understand how to spot the issues which must be included in an MSA and we are familiar with the language necessary to accomplish your goals.

If you and your spouse have discussed an amicable divorce or if you would like to present your spouse with a written proposal for settlement of your divorce, please contact us today at 410-885-1862 for additional information.