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Original Custody Determinations And Modification Of Custody

For many of our clients, their children are the focus of their lives and are of utmost importance to them. As a result, child custody issues are often contentious and emotionally charged. Whether child custody issues arise as part of a divorce or a dispute between unmarried parents, we understand how important it is that an appropriate child custody determination be made. At the Law Office of Christina Bayne P.A., we will fight on your behalf to obtain a favorable child custody arrangement for you and for your children.

We also understand that child custody determinations may need to change in the future as your family’s circumstances change. Often, the decision whether to seek a modification of custody is a difficult one. Through years of experience, the Law Office of Christina Bayne P.A. can advise you whether your changing circumstances are adequate and appropriate to achieve the changes you seek to your custody order and we will walk you through the custody modification process.

What Does “Custody” Mean?

Maryland law differentiates between two types of child custody: physical custody and legal custody. Ultimately, child custody boils down to two major questions: (1) What access schedule will my child have with each parent, meaning what nights will my child spend the night with me or his/her other parent ?; and (2) Who will make important decisions affecting my child’s long-term well-being? A child custody order provides clear-cut answers to these questions which are enforceable through the court system.

We will educate you about your legal options and explain how various legal decisions may affect your family. There are numerous practical issues that will likely arise in your child’s future for which a custody order may become necessary, such as:

  • How will we share time with our child?
  • In which school district will our child be enrolled?
  • What medical/mental health treatment is appropriate for our child?


Without a child custody order, these important questions often lead to disputes and animosity. The Law Office of Christina Bayne P.A. will guide you through the process of acquiring a custody order that achieves your goals and protects the best interests of your child.

Develop Your Child Custody Arrangement

Our team dedicates our practice to the legal matters affecting your family. No matter your situation, we will guide you through your dispute to the best possible outcome.

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