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What a stay-at-home parent needs to know about divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Divorce |

The decision to get a divorce affects all areas of your life. You must address living arrangements, child custody agreements, division of marital assets and more.

As a stay-at-home parent, you face many added concerns. Without a current income, how will you pay your bills? Can you find a job that covers your expenses? How will your new situation affect your family’s standard of living?

Start planning as soon as possible

Thinking about making drastic changes to your lifestyle can be overwhelming and leave you feeling stuck. Tackle your worries by creating a plan for your future:

  • Career: Consider what it will take to get a job. Do you need to get further education or learn new skills? Outline the steps you need to take to gain employment.
  • Assets: Gather documentation of all marital assets and know the value of each.
  • Finances: Collect any financial information you have access to, such as bank account statements, tax returns, retirement plans and pay stubs.

Know your contribution

Maryland has an equitable distribution statute, meaning the division of property in a divorce is fair but not necessarily equal. You may fear you will not receive sufficient assets in your divorce. However, your work at home contributes to the marital estate by providing free child care and household services. It also enables your spouse to focus on career goals and earning potential.

Understand your rights to alimony

You have a right to seek alimony in your divorce. Courts consider many factors such as your financial situation, your ability to work and your marriage length when determining the type of spousal support you receive.

Your work in the home provides essential support for your spouse and family. Knowing your rights helps you secure a fair divorce settlement.